Your monitor is well calibrated if you can see 21 bars, neutral color with different densities.
You can only see a white vertical bar on the right and a black vertical bar on the left.

Image Quality

We do not resize the images sent up to 1024 pixels on the longest side (our scaling for larger images is identical to that used in Photoshop).
After applying the Copyright bar, returned to recording with 100% quality in our tests comparing the pixels do not show visible signs of alteration.
The image below has not been resized or edited in any way is a crop of the original 100%.
The image on the right has a conversion to jpg. ( Original 16-bit Photoshop => jpg )
The left image has three conversions to jpg. (Original 16-bit Photoshop => jpg; Upload Site => jpg; Photoshop => jpg)
If you use a workspace (profile) should save your images with the option Preserve embedded profile, so everyone can see images with the same saturation, contrast and density. We convert all profiles for sRGB used on the net, so everyone can see the same images in all browsers.

Original image

Image after going through the upload site

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FineArt-Portugal in Social Networks
If you do not want to share your pictures on social networks can inactivate this feature in your preferences.

In your menu "Settings", top right of the screen, click "Preferences-privacy" and select the checkbox "Do not share partner sites and social networks".
Remember that we only publish thumbnails that link to your page or photo whose purpose is the dissemination of our authors.