How do I create a gallery in Fineart-Portugal?

To have a gallery and in your personal website in Fineart-Portugal  just sign up. The free plan ( Silver ) there is no limit of photos uploaded. Consulte as funcionalidades de cada plano.


How does the image approval system in Fineart-Portugal?

Images are approved for the gallery fineart-Portugal taking into account the evaluation (votes) of our screeners and national and international curators, including photographs of various areas to ensure diversity in our exhibition. The evaluation process takes place as follows:


1. - All uploaded images enter a previous list, visible only to Screeners and Curators, which make the first assessment for or against the entry of the images in the Gallery of Fineart-Portugal, voting 1-5 only once. The identity of each author is never revealed during the voting and No Screener, Curator or Directors may vote in their own pictures.


After the first votes of the screeners and curators, the images are divided into three new listings where only the curators can continue to vote.


1.1 - Average less than 3.00: Pre-Listing Rejection (Auto Rejection after 72 hours).


1.2 - Average of more than 3.00: Pre Selection list (Auto Rejection after 120 hours).


1.3 - Average above 3.00 and more than 25 votes: List of Pre-Approval. In this listing the images are never rejected, the system approves one per hour from bottom to top.


2. - In short: The images move between these three as the average list that will obtain the votes of the curators and where to change its position, the Trustees may vote again, thus allowing greater competition for decision. Thus an image that initially entered the Pre-Rejection can be approved and vice versa but the curators try to maintain the general consensus. Images can remain in approving more than 6 days.


3. - Management should adjust the above figures in order to ensure the entry of approximately 24 images per day in the Pre-Approval, thus facilitating the work to the curators in the case of accumulation of high-quality images with this listing, the Trustees may temporarily change more Images approval for an hour. Although they can make manual pass or fail, only in very special cases and justified to do it.


4. - Images that have been seen in voting or approval and were deleted by the author during the process may be immediately removed, suspended if the author does not justify the new upload the message to the Trustees.


5. - The main role of Curators is "posting pictures on the wall of the exhibition" that will open within a few hours or days of providing tools to organize and sort the images more presentable on the site, which is why pictures are not displayed in order of entry.


6. - In the case of rejection, the authors Gold or higher may receive the reasons for refusal noted by the screeners and curators will ask for an explanation but not because their work is free, only for it to select the best photos with full exemption. The work of the curators, has oversight of the founder Manuel Figueiredo.
Members who fail to enter your photos in the public gallery have the advantage of learning from the best and can expose your personal website, on your blog and other areas of exposure that we are creating.


7. - The decision of our curators is sovereign. Please read the rules of use.


What is the difference between the Fineart-Portugal, and PodiumFoto?

The Fineart-Portugal is a more stringent art gallery which will only be approved, sent the best 24 images per day. The PodiumFoto is more accessible to all photographers, all images will be accepted with technical and artistic quality and the pictures of users with rejected paying plan are not removed, is the author who decides whether you want to delete or leave in your personal gallery.


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