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About Paolo Iommelli
Paolo Iommelli lives in Aversa, where he was born in 1965. Attentive to experimentation and expressive possibilities of the photographic language, in the eighties began his career as a professional photographer. After graduation, he attended the lectures of the photographer Mimmo Jodice at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. He later graduated from the University Federico II in Philosophy, with a thesis on "Myths and Symbols", and specializes in Visual Anthropology and a Masters in social photography. He is dedicated to a series of trials on photographic materials and the possibilities of photography, not as a merely descriptive, but as a creative tool. the philosophical background artist works with photography for years, paying peripheral vision to the daily and ordinary things and the human figure to bring into existence that which is struggling to appear, the unspoken, the neglected, the non-functional and denied. It has a particular interest in the historical and contemporary architecture, preferring the myths of classical antiquity and the Mediterranean.

HONORABLE MENTION, categoria portfolio documentary professional "Former Psychiatric Hospital"
• MIFA Photo Awards Collective Exhibition in Moscow dal 20 luglio 2016 al 07 agosto 2016 presso ArtGallery NaKashirke. Galleria " Na Kashirke " Moscow.
URBAN 2016 Photo Awards Contest – VII Edition – GALLERY WINNERS – Theme “The Street Photography”

• URBAN 2016 Photo Awards Collective Exhibition in Poland, Hungary and Slovenia.
• URBAN 2016 Photo Awards Collective Exhibition.:
• Circuito di mostre “itineranti” in giro per l’Europa. Questo circuito comprende mostre in POLONIA (Cracovia, Varsavia e Lodz), UNGHERIA (Budapest), CIPRO (Phapos), SLOVENIA (Capodistria), GERMANIA (Berlino).Il circuito terminerà al TRIESTE PHOTO DAYS 2016 Festival Internazionale di Fotografia dal 27 ottobre al 26 novembre 2016.

Former Psychiatric Hospital

HONORABLE MENTION categoria professional Landscape “Alpi”

MONOCHROME BLANK WALL GALLERY Winner con la foto “Metaphysics of Urban Spaces” Exhibition alla Galleria Blank Wall 55 Fokionos Negri Street 11361 Athens, Greece dal 31 marzo al 13 aprile 2017 presso la mostra “MONOCHROME 2017” Official sito: http://www.blankwallgallery.com/
• A catalogue for the exhibition “Monochrome” at Blank Wall Gallery in Athens. My photo “Metaphysics of Urban Spaces.” is published in the official catalog of the Blank Wall Gallery.
• Monochrome Exhibition Catalogue Copyright 2017
• Publish 2017
• Language English
• Blank Wall Gallery 2017, (Publishing Blank Wall Gallery)
• Publisher Blurb
Official site: http://www.blurb.com/b/6967537-monochrome
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